It can be annoying when your floor starts to show signs of wear and aging , well if your floor has been left for awhile and you havent had the chance to deep clean your floor then this can cause dirt to build up making your floor not look as good as it once was , what we think is one of the best products on the makret for bringing life back into your wood floor would be the Ted Todd Care Kit the Ted Tood Care Kit comes with 1ltr regular soft clean 1ltr of intensive deep clean , 1 mop head a microfibre cloth and felt protective pads . Before cleaning your entire floor we would reccomend testing on a small part of your floor to make sure the cleaning products are not too strong and damage your floor.

Once you have cleaned your floor and it is dry we reccomend using a replenish oil to revive and renew your floor and when you deep clean your floor we reccomend using Hardwax Oil to replenish your floor.

Keep your floor looking good for generations to come