At The Carpet Place we sell 6 different types of Artificial Grass all made by Associated Weavers (AA) ,  each of these have their own thickness but still have some similar qualities between them .

If you are looking for a freshly mowed look then Wembley Striped 30mm Artificial Grass is the best option for you .

This Grass has a striped look , with alternating lighter and darker stripes to give your grasss the appearance that it has recently been mown . The 28mm pile height adds to the young and freshly mown impression, whilst also giving it a realistic appearance , this grass also comes with curled base fibres and soft grass blades to created a comfortable underfoot , ideal for any garden .

Real turf striped lawns require a lot of work to keep them looking their best, this artifical grass makes getting the look almost effort less , with no mowing and virtually no maintenance.Water passes easily through the drainage holes in the latex backing, allowing water to easily pass through . Artifical Grass can be fitted in more places than you might think , you could fit your grass on concrete decking balconies and even roofs.

The Grass is made up of Cadium Lead and free material is is pet and child friendly and doesnt poduce pollen so everyone is happy.

Vienna is another piece of artifcial grass created by AA , Vienna is relativly Similar to Wembley but instead also comes in 26mm 30mm or 35mm , and a thatch optin to porivde that fresh natrual look but other than that they are the same

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