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Shop for the brand new Floorify LVT at The Carpet Place

With 25 years experience in the flooring trade Marie Callens and Pieter Buyck worked together and started Floorify from the ground up , floorify strive to have stronger and better materials to strengthen their floors and make them outlast fellow flooring competitors , Floorify floors are warm , water ressistant and easily installed on any [...]

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Shop For Stainfree Rustique at The Carpet Place

Abingdon Stainfree Rustique is an elegantly designed twist carpet perfect for all living spaces. Featuring two ply twist yarns and advanced stain resistance, this classic carpet is highly durable and built for long-lasting use. With rustic charm and everyday wear-resistance, it'll bring a timeless look to your home. This timeless carpet offers superior durability and [...]

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Shop for stunning Think Rugs at The Carpet Place Wigan

Think Rugs is a leading wholesaler of Rugs to the flooring retail trade in the UK for more than 25 years Think Rugs focus on developing a wide , varied , versatile product range . They Design , import , wholesale and distribute a vast selection of handmade contemporary , modern and traditonal style designed [...]

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Shop For Stunning Rugs At The Carpet Place

Asiatic Rugs are the leading rug supplier across the UK and the globe  and we happen to be lucky enpugh to work with them to expand our rug sellection even further . For more than 60 years Asiatic has been at the forefront of product development , they have the widest range of markable ruges [...]

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Shop For Forma Bonnetto at The Carpet Place

Kellars UK’s largest independent flooring supplier, providing a full range of Kellars exclusive products to trade customers, distributors, and retailers  in the UK. Year on year, they have grown at a rapid rate, and are excited to continue this level of growth in the future, surrounded by a team of over 100 passionate individuals, across [...]

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Shop for Artificial Grass at The Carpet Place

Here at The Carpet Place we are proud to be able to offer a wide range of artificial grass designed for both residential and commercial projects. We have offered artificial grass for a number of clients across the North West of England, ranging from home renovations through to a much more office complex, and we [...]

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Shop For Dorado at The Carpet Place

Now rebranded as Gaia Dorado' The all new Invictus Dorado carpet collection by Associated Weavers is the latest addition to the hugely successful Invictus carpet collection. Available in multi width options, from 3 metre, 4 metre and 5 metre widths, the Invictus Dorado carpet offers a cost effective luxury option to any home, minimising joins [...]

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Shop For Daytona Luxury Loopile at The Carpet Place

Since 1990, Timzo has been exclusively focusing on the production of so-called bouclés from polypropylene yarns. The company is now internationally regarded as the specialist in this segment. Timzo is 100% vertically integrated. This means that their entire production process is conducted in-house. The process starts in the extrusion department where the yarns are made. [...]

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Shop for Cormar carpets at The Carpet Place

Cormar Carpets known for their award winning quality and their prices is another one of our lead Carpet retailers here at the carpet place having being around since 1956 they have devoted their customer service to giving their customers the best prices and comfort possible helping their customers add that finishing touch to your homes [...]

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Shop for Associated weavers at The Carpet Place

Renowned for their luxurious carpet ranges from Gaia to Vivendi, Associated Weavers has over 630 dedicated employees who produce and sell an average of 26 million square meters of carpet annually. This yields a turnover of around 172 million euros. Exporting to more than 55 countries, Associated Weavers is known for their luxuriously soft carpets [...]

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