When picking your dream carpet you should also think about a choice in underlay as we do always reccomend going ahead with underlay 0n your order for your benefit , Underlays help prolong the life of your Carpet and gives you a softer underfoot whilst you may think all underlays are the same each Underlay we stock are all different in their own properties and uses.

The first Underlay is Cloud 9 Nimbus now this is the cheapest option we sell and wouldnt reccomend using it with an luxurious carpet but can be , these are 7mm thick and 15m2 per roll whilst also being easy to lift and handle it has excellent recovery characteristics and is suitable general domestic like bedrooms and living rooms , although due to it only having a 7mm thickness using this under a luxury carpet is okay but will not last as long as the other options we stock

The second option for Underlay is the Cloud 9 Cirrus underlay which is the second most expensive option and quite a big upgrade , the Cloud 9 Nimbuss underlay is one of the most popular brands of underlay we sell here at The Carpet Place due to it being an upgrade from Nimbus , whilst not having a drastically bigger price tag . Cirrus is a 15m 9mm thick PU foam carpet underlay suitable for any room in your home. Cirrus can retain its thickness too making it a perfect choice for providing extra comfort , with a comfort rating of a 4 , you will never have to worry about the sense of luxury once the underlay is flat beneath the carpet.

And the final option and the best option is the Cloud 9 Caviar Crystal 11mm is an exclusive high density desgign from cloid 9 giving it firmer levels of comfort underfoot for those seeking a sturdy feeling . Caviar Crystal is 11mm thick and has printed stitch paper topping and a white woven fabric underside makiing it great for sound abroption and thermal insulation a stretch fit to mould it to your house (to prevent overstretching) antimicrobial technology to protect against fungi and bacteria whilst keeping enviromentally friendly and high quality materials

It is also incredibly easy to handle and install meaning you can get your floor down quicker and for lomger