If what your looking for is just a quick carpet to put down , or if your just not looking to spend too much on your floor , then this is perfect for you , we sell a wide range of cheap carpets but these two tend to sell out the most , those ranges being Alaska and Sahara , both of these have their 0wn small and unique designs and qualities making them a good choice for the cheaper ranges , Alaska is a Loop Pile carpet made out of 100% Polypropylene meaning it is a durable carpet and perfcet for any office space or high traffic areas , such as your stairs and landing were after a few years you may see the pile on the carpet begin to sink and not look as good , this carpet is a perfect sollution to that problem as this carpet also comes in 4m and 5m length whilst also being easy to clean , with a felt back fitted into the carpet this means makes it can be fitted without underlay but if you want to prolong the life of your carpet or fancy more of a luxury underfoot then we reccomend having a decent underlay down which we also sell , the better the underlay you go for the longer your carpet will last.

Sahara being the second option this carpet is a super stain ressistant caroet making it hard for any accidental spills to show up on the carpet and with quick care shouldnt be an issue making this carpet another suitable option for general domestic use and high traffic areas due to its highly durable two tone fibres and built in felt backing for extra comfort and easy DIY fit although we do reccomend going with underlay as well to prolong the life of your floor , this is a superb carpet with its tight loop pile making it bleach cleanable and comes in either a 4m or 5m width making it a great cheaper option

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