With 25 years experience in the flooring trade Marie Callens and Pieter Buyck worked together and started Floorify from the ground up , floorify strive to have stronger and better materials to strengthen their floors and make them outlast fellow flooring competitors , Floorify floors are warm , water ressistant and easily installed on any surface meaning you dont have to worry about that long wait for yout floor to be complete whilst also not having to worry about any accidental spillages on the floor when it is down . Floorify is a belgian design through and through , whichever floor design you chose has all been formatted and detailed by Marie . Marie strives to have a floor that matches your home. which allows you to live. spill things. dance. And put my muddy feet on.

Beautiful , easy  , and strong , are the three words that are the essence of Florify . Floorify combines the best of both worlds the warmth of natural materials with absolute ease of use.