Roll Ends in StandishWe have a supply of roll ends in Standish taken from some of our best selling carpets. Sometimes we have larger supplies of good quality carpet in colours or patterns that didn’t sell as well as we hoped. All of these make up our roll ends bargain carpet section in our store. When shopping for one room of carpet, most people stop at the roll ends first. The stock changes regularly. If customers don’t find what they like today, and they are not in a hurry, they can check back in a few days. If they find a 9’ X 10’ carpet roll end for a small room in just the right colour, it’s ecstasy, at a radically reduced price. Nurseries and home offices, which are often the same room, are easily redecorated with roll end carpet.

A small roll end in a colour you love is worth having the edges bound with a non-slip backing. In that way, in Standish, roll ends become area rugs. Use end rolls in different colours and patterns to carpet the basement steps to your family room or the attic stairs to your loft. Does your conversion van need new carpet? Consider a roll end. A bargain is always fun and roll ends of carpet bring out the creativity for some people. You told the kids they could choose their own room decor?  You had to know they would not choose a neutral colour. Check out our roll ends for bargain prices on black, purple or pink carpet.

Our prices on roll ends in Standish are in keeping with our pricing for all other carpets. Our prices are low because our volume is high. We’ve been in business since 1967. We have the space and the clientele to warrant large volume purchasing. We get a lower price due to quantity which we pass on to our customers. That makes our roll ends even better bargains. You will find the carpet you want at the price you want to pay. If it’s roll ends you want, you will find we have one of the largest selections from which to choose. Contact us and find out more about our many and varied sizes, and colours of our roll ends. Our staff is always on hand with the information you need about any product in our stock.