Quick Step in Roby Mill Quick Step in Roby Mill may be just the flooring you’ve been waiting for. We have it right here in our showroom at the Carpet Place. Imagine the wood floor look you’ve always dreamed of. It’s available in shades from darkest brown to white, multiple possible patterns and authentic straight from the forest appearance. Best of all, it will stand up to your busy family activities. The constant in and out, shoes not removed, dog nails sliding during a game of tug of war, toy cars and toddler scooters. Spills and soccer drills are no match for Quick Step. If you want the look of wood in your kitchen, bathrooms or basement family room, Quick Step is for you. Choose the NatureTec Pro; it’s waterproof.

Quick Step is a laminate and the first layer is a moisture barrier that protects against rising damp. Don’t worry about toxic adhesives in your home because in Roby Mill, Quick Step is not glued down. It’s a floating floor of tightly fitting interlocking planks that float above the subfloor. Installation costs are less than for actual hardwood because fitting Quick Step is far less time consuming and labour intensive. You will have the wood floor look because Quick Step Laminate is available if planks as long as 8 feet and if you love wide plank flooring, Quick Step has it. You will get the natural look of a timber plank. But, it won’t warp, expand and contract or soften over time.

Quick Step in Roby Mill is as versatile as your lifestyle with the affordability families are looking for. When the toys are put away and your floor is mopped clean with Quick Step cleaner, relax and welcome your guests. Your Quick Step flooring is an elegant backdrop to your furnishings and decor and you will never have to change it. These laminate floor selections are timeless so change up your decor without the need to ever change your floor. Contact The Carpet Place and visit our Quick Step showroom area full of ideas for beautiful flooring designs. Our staff is well versed in our products and the manufacturing process, including Quick Step. We can help you find just the right Quick Step laminate flooring for decor and your budget.