Karndean in ShevingtonTop quality Karndean in Shevington is available at The Carpet Place. This company started in the UK and is now a worldwide leader of authentic looking Luxury Vinyl tiles and planks that look like natural wood or stone. During the past 40 years the company has continued to innovate away the early negatives of vinyl flooring. One big negative of vinyl used to be toxicity in the components of vinyl and in the glue used to install it. Karndean vinyl is a green product, free of toxins and environmentally friendly. It comes with a lifetime warranty but once you are finished with it, the vinyl can be recycled. Don’t worry about the glue either because it won’t be used to install your new flooring. Karndean invented the loose lay method that requires no adhesive. They call it their K-Wave system and it uses friction to hold planks to the subfloor.

Karndean Luxury Vinyl is in a class of its own. In Shevington, Karndean luxury vinyl offers at least 8 product ranges and over 200 individual products. However, each can be customised in a variety of ways. Each of the product lines, starting with the premium Art Select and ending with the most affordable Knight Tile, has an individual thickness and wear layer. Those differences are also reflected in price. Choose according to the level of durability you need, especially for commercial flooring. Residential Karndean Luxury Vinyl comes with a lifetime guarantee if it’s professionally installed and cared for according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

A lifetime guarantee makes Karndean in Shevington a bargain regardless of which thickness level you select. It’s all very easy to care for and now has an enhanced protective surface treatment that resists slipping, scuffs and stains to an even greater degree. If a plank or tile does become damaged, it’s a simple matter to replace it with a new one. Buy a few extras as insurance against extreme accidents. Contact The Carpet Place and let us tell you about our selection of Karndean flooring. Count on our in house fitters for a professional done right installation.