Since 1990, Timzo has been exclusively focusing on the production of so-called bouclés from polypropylene yarns. The company is now internationally regarded as the specialist in this segment.

Timzo is 100% vertically integrated. This means that their entire production process is conducted in-house. The process starts in the extrusion department where the yarns are made. Afterwards, further finishing can be done via air-entangling and/or twisting. The grades are then produced on modern tufting machines with different divisions to finally be provided with the desired backing on our own backing line. Since the company controls every area, Timzo is able to respond quickly and adequately to the customer’s requests. Timzo is therefore ready for the future.

Daytona by Timzo is a Luxury Looppile Carpet with a starbeck felt backing for added comfort and durability. This high quality carpet is designed to last, and its timeless elegance and sophistication will add an instant upgrade to any space. Invest in this stylish piece with confidence. Daytona by Timzo Luxury Looppile Carpet features a starbeck felt backing to provide added cushioning and extended wear-resistance with a luxurious feel. Combining style and durability, this carpeting will bring a sophisticated, timeless look to any area and provide a long-lasting investment.