Abbingdon Carpets is one of our most popular Carpet brands we sell online and instore , with ranges like Indulgence , Royal Windsor , Primo Tweed and Caress it is imposible to not find what you are looking for when it comes to comfort , longetivity and luxury . With a rich history within the British carpet-making industry, it’s the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of quality carpets. Created in 1957, founder John Viney saw an opportunity to expand his family’s drapery and furniture business into the flooring market. What started out as a southern division of sales and distribution for Shaw Carpets quickly became a brand in its own right, with a reputation for service, quality and reliability Abbingdon Carpets boast a legacy of excellence, recognized for high-grade materials, superior craftsmanship, and an emphasis on quality and longevity that sets the benchmark for carpeting. With a range of options to choose from, Abbingdon Carpets offer styles and comfort options to suit any taste. Get the luxurious feel of effortless maintenance and beautifully made carpets for your home.