Roll Ends in WesthoughtonRoll ends in Westhoughton at The Carpet Place give parents the opportunity to be cool in their kid’s eyes. When your little princess asks for a bubble gum pink carpet for her room, you just might find it in our end roll carpet section. When your fourteen-year old asks to do his room in all black including the carpet, go ahead and say yes. Pretend you don’t know he’s going to spatter the carpet with reflective paint and use black light in the room. You see, our roll ends cost a fraction of what you would have paid cut from the bulk roll, so you aren’t out much money for a carpet you have no intention of living with for more than three to five years.

All the carpet on one carpet roll is from one dye lot and although we have five rolls of the same “peanut confetti” colour, we can’t combine carpet from two or more rolls. In Westhoughton, roll ends are left on a roll because if the consumer needs more square footage it must all come from the same roll or dye lot. The colour subtleties may never be noticed with the naked eye but as long as they exist the square footage cannot come from two separate rolls. So we sell those roll ends separately and they are in all different sizes. Often they are big enough for a child’s bedroom. Our team of installers will measure up your room and install the carpet expertly. They can even piece the carpet if necessary to fit the room. The seams will be nearly invisible because our installers are good at what they do.

Our carpets are a good deal under any circumstances but roll ends in Westhoughton are especially cost effective. If you want a nice area carpet to accent your wood floors in the living or dining room a roll end could be perfect. We just need to cut it square, rectangle or round to size and bind the edges. Contact us to find out more.  If you don’t see what you want the first time, come back; the inventory changes daily. We’ll be here just as we have since 1967.