Roll ends in Newcastle are perfect for when you’re looking for a bargain on quality products. This is not to say that their quality is any lower. On the contrary, our roll ends are simply remnants of the same quality carpets we stock and provide in our store. They are simply excess material. Instead of discarding or neglecting them, we sell them to you, our customers, with the confidence of knowing they’ll be just as satisfactory to you as our other products. We are here to cater to all our customers, no matter their budgetary restrictions. In fact, roll ends are perfect for those who have a smaller project to do and don’t need a whole new batch of flooring material.

Just as the carpets and other flooring material we stock, there are a variety of colours and patterns to choose from in Newcastle. Roll ends are also available in different sizes. No matter how small or big the room you’re working on is, opting for a roll end will help you revamp it without breaking the bank. We do advice to come with the measurements of the room so we can provide the exact size you’re looking for. Here at The Carpet Place, quality is the name of our game. We have established ourselves as the largest and most well respected flooring business in the Wigan area, and for good reason. Our service goes above and beyond your expectations. We’re here to help you make your space a bit more personal.

You can use roll ends in Newcastle in a number of ways. Add a touch of class by placing one in your hallway and enjoy little red-carpet moments in the comfort of your home. You can even place one under your dressing table or beside your bed. The possibilities are endless. Contact The Carpet Place today and we’ll give you quality products at rock-bottom prices. We provide fitting services as well. If you’re looking for another flooring option, we also stock other material such as Karndean and wood flooring. Feel free to come by our showroom and look through our stock.