Roll Ends in LeighEach roll of carpet we purchase has a finite length which often means we have roll ends in Leigh when the carpet has been fitted in a home.  These may vary from a few metres of carpet to a piece that may be able to cover a room. The material and pattern will differ from roll end to roll end. Some may be top quality wool carpets and others may be manmade synthetic carpets. It all depends on what roll end we have left in stock. With care, you can browse through the roll ends and mix and match them to suit the various rooms in your home. This will allow you to pick up a once in a lifetime bargain. All the carpeting is brand new and in perfect condition.

You want the best carpet you can afford for your home. In Leigh, roll ends hold a certain length of carpeting at a specified width. Once most of the roll has been sold there is usually a piece left which may not be large enough for an order but might be just the right size for your room. Many of these carpets are deluxe brands of the highest quality and are simply great bargains. Where you would expect to pay a small fortune for a wool carpet, the end of roll piece may be well within your budget. This may allow you to carpet your home in some of the most luxurious carpets at a fraction of the usual price.

We can supply and fit a large range of roll ends in Leigh. Contact The Carpet Place today or visit our huge showroom to see the huge variety of flooring we supply. Our company was established in 1967 which gives us over 50 years of experience in the business. We specialise in supplying the highest quality products at excellent prices and offer help and advice when planning any carpet or flooring project. Our measuring and fitting service is carried out to the highest standard by our fully trained team of experts. We deal with a large number of manufacturers and wholesalers allowing our customers a wider choice.