Quick Step in ParboldYou might find Quick Step in Parbold is the ideal flooring product for your kind of lifestyle. When you furnish and install products in your home you only want to do it once and you choose products whose dependability is proven. You buy one car every ten years and your furnishings are extraordinarily well made and still look great at fifteen years old. You don’t replace your belongings just because you want a change; you only replace if they wear out or break. You get your money’s worth no matter what you’re buying. The Carpet Place has just the floor covering you will love. It will look gorgeous on your floors but that’s not why you’ll love it; Quick Step laminate flooring will last and last.

Laminate flooring means several materials bonded solidly together creating a strength that can’t be achieved with single ply products. In Parbold, Quick Step flooring looks like natural wood in an array of shades and colours and it wears like wood; but it is better. Quick Step doesn’t stain, fade, scratch, split, warp and water won’t hurt it. The laminate product is cut into planks and fitted in such a way that moisture, dirt, and dust can’t embed into cracks and crevices. Some Quick Step products are coated with an anti-static finish that prevents those electric shocks in dry weather and best of all does not attract dust. Imagine! It keeps itself clean and hypoallergenic. It’s warm and quiet underfoot so you won’t miss carpeting.

Quick Step in Parbold isn’t just for people who demand quality and durability. It’s also for those who insist on surrounding themselves with beautiful stylish products. Contact us or come visit us at The Carpet Place and you’ll see what we mean. We’ve been here since 1967 so we know a bit about floor coverings. Quick Step is a gorgeous and stylish floor covering. There is tremendous flexibility in design with boards of different natural shades and shapes. You may have some ideas about the design you want to create and Quick Step has dozens of others that will thrill your independent sense of style. There are so many reasons to love this flooring.