Laminate in OrmskirkIt could be that a laminate in Ormskirk would be the best choice for you when installing new flooring. When layers of materials are laminated together into one solid product, that product is strong. For instance a wood laminate looks like wood flooring and although its core consists of melamine resins and fibre board to UK standards, it’s strong like wood and may be warmer and quieter underfoot. Laminate flooring is cut into individual sections that imitate wood planks and like wood planks, it is fitted together using the tongue-in-groove method. Laminate is especially easy to clean and some are manufactured with an anti-bacterial coating.

Like wood, laminates won’t tolerate a state of dampness or excess surface water. The water can seep through the joints causing deterioration. However there are in Ormskirk, laminates having a waterproof coating and those are fine to use in kitchens and baths. If hardwood flooring is not your favourite style maybe you would like stone. At The Carpet Place, we have laminates simulating beautiful paver stone that is so realistic but without the high cost and maintenance of natural stone. One reason laminates are less expensive is the ease of installation. Our team of professional installers are highly efficient at joining the planks over the foam sheeting that aids insulation. Each abuts tightly to the next and to the walls when it’s done correctly.

First established in 1967, The Carpet Place maintains a huge inventory of laminate in Ormskirk. We do a large volume of business and cover a broad customer base. Therefore we buy in quantity from our suppliers which keep our prices low. We pass those savings to our customers. We have the lowest prices around for all types of flooring so your budget will stretch further with us. Contact us or better yet, come visit our showroom and let us show you our beautiful wood laminate flooring. It’s so realistic, you’ll be amazed. Real wood flooring is not for everyone but if you love the look but not the price we think you’ll be thrilled with our laminates. Check our attractive financing options; six months same as cash.