When you choose Karndean in Skelmersdale for your new flooring you reveal some personal good qualities. You like style and luxury but you are practical so you want a long lasting low maintenance floor. You love a natural earthy look but timber and stone are not a good choice for your lifestyle. Besides, you really like a warm, sound insulating and soft underfoot flooring. But you want choices in floor design; something a little different than just a plain pattern. For you, Karndean is the perfect compromise. The Carpet Place is a select distributor for Karndean and we’re always happy to recommend this very popular flooring. Our designers are on hand to help you select the pattern, borders and colours that suit your personal preference.

We’ve been established since 1967 to meet the needs of both domestic and commercial customers. For commercial customers in Skelmersdale, Karndean is an excellent choice not only because of its beauty but the durability makes it a great investment for heavy traffic areas. It’s easily cleaned and the colours do not fade nor the surface loses its sheen. If a disaster occurs and a section of flooring is damaged by sliding heavy equipment over it or a chemical spill, the replacement tiles or boards can easily be matched. Such occurrences are quite rare. Some of our Karndean floor products can last for twenty years. There is Karndean to fit most budgets and they all come with first class service from our staff.

When you shop for Karndean in Skelmersdale, we want your flooring selection to be a good experience. We don’t rush you into making a choice or try to get you to buy up. You take your time and we’ll show you what we have in all price ranges. The workday may not be a good time for you to stay home so we can come in. first to measure and then to install.  We do a volume business, therefore, we get good wholesale prices which we can pass on to you but we also have multiple installation teams. Contact us when you need Karndean flooring and we’ll accommodate your schedule for both measuring and installation. Take samples with you to think about and see how they look in your space. No pressure.