Karndean in OrrellKarndean in Orrell is inspired luxury vinyl flooring that is perfect for modern family living and high traffic commercial spaces. So often, when it’s time to update customers come to us at The Carpet Place and ask about Karndean vinyl planks and tiles. This product is a long way from your old kitchen and bath lino. The quality is high so choose what you really really love because it’s going to last. If you do want to change up your decor it’s likely your Karndean floor will complement the change. There is so much designers can do with wood like planks. The appearance is of a wood floor but by alternating long and short planks and even different coloured planks you have a totally unique floor. The rules have changed and not having a solid wood floor in nature’s own pattern and colour is no longer second choice.

The same is true for tiles that look like ceramic or stone. For homes in Orrell, Karndean vinyl tiles that look like stone or ceramic but can be designed in all manner of patterns and colour combinations is highly desirable. Karndean is not an “instead of wood and stone” product. This vinyl product is a wildly popular floor covering that handily competes with Mother Nature; and wins. Buyers of Karndean prefer the soft, warm sound absorbing luxury vinyl under foot they can’t get with wood and stone. It doesn’t crack, it’s not cold and slippery and you don’t have to keep resealing the grooves to keep dirt and moisture out.

Our customers shopping for Karndean want the long-lasting good looks and updated styles. But our staff hears the importance of the other qualities of Karndean from our buyers. Easy and low maintenance is a big factor. They want clean floors and with very little effort these floors are clean. They look great in every room in the house. It can’t trap allergens and pet hair and dander so everybody is more comfortable. For your toddlers, Karndean is warm, soft and tough. Toys roll really well across it and blocks stay level. Contact The Carpet Place and find out more about our beautiful and unique Karndean vinyl flooring. Our staff is here to make your purchase and installation a stress-free experience.