Karndean in Appley BridgeTake a chance with Karndean in Appley Bridge, whether in your office or home. Karndean is perfect for those who would like to have a wood texture to their floor without necessarily dealing with the drawbacks of the natural material. You can have your wood planks customised to your preferred tone, whether a nice light one or a darker tone. You can even have both installed in the same room or in separate spaces. Either way, you’ll enjoy the benefits of using this particular flooring type, with one such advantage being taking your hygiene practices to higher heights. This is made possible thanks to the PU coating on the Karndean planks that makes them non-porous, thereby eliminating the chance of dirt and germs from living in the planks.

Another advantage is the ease of cleaning and maintenance in the long run. In Appley Bridge, Karndean is pretty low maintenance, with a simple sweep or mop being all that’s needed to have them looking good as new. Additionally, there’s no need for constant sanding, staining or floor treatments to be done in order to maintain their integrity. Karndean is also quite durable, being able to withstand heavy foot traffic, stress from pet claws or even pressure from high heels. Should any damage occur, replacing the planks is easy since only the damaged plank is removed as opposed to having to do the whole floor. You don’t have to look far for this flooring. The Carpet Place is your one-stop shop for the best flooring, carpet and rugs. Since 1967, we have been providing quality products to all our customers, both new and existing, at exceptional prices.

We don’t only provide Karndean in Appley Bridge.  We can also handle the fitting services carried out to the highest of standards. Our professional team of experts is ready to be of service whenever you need. Contact The Carpet Place and we’ll have you enjoying your new floors in no time. Not sure if this particular material is the perfect fit for you? We offer expert advice as well and help you make the best decision for your premise.