Roll ends in Warrington is what we’re left with at The Carpet Place when we get to the end of a roll of carpet. There’s usually not enough carpet left on the roll for an average size room. We can’t  take carpet from a new roll to make up the difference, even though it’s the same carpet. There is often a slight variation in dye lots. Also, piecing wall-to-wall carpet may not work due to the direction of the lay of the fibres. For whole room carpet, you want a continuous roll cut to fit. So, what good are remnants? They’re a bargain compared to a cut off the roll. We reduce the price per square foot considerably. Maybe you don’t have a standard sized room to carpet. Check our end rolls and you might find a carpet you like that will fit the 6’x8’ nursery or that odd 12’ by 5’ bedroom that used to be a porch.

You could carpet a small office or craft room with gorgeous high quality carpet for less than half price. In Warrington, roll ends can be used as carpet treads on stairs. If you’re looking for a large area rug, one of our carpet roll ends could be backed and bound. Artfully frame a bold colour or design and mount it on a shared wall to add colour and absorb sound. Unlike some carpet stores, our roll ends are from the major brand carpet rolls we sell every day. We don’t buy cheap remnants from a supplier and pass them off as quality roll ends. We have a long history of business integrity, customer service and good quality products for all budgets.

We usually have a big selection of roll ends in the shop. We do a large volume business which helps keep prices down on all flooring. It also provides a lot of roll ends. There is an ongoing turnover in roll ends, so if you don’t find the size and colour you need the first time, keep checking back. Chances are, the right one will become available. Contact us when looking for roll ends. You’ll find we stock an extensive range of colours, weaves and carpet fibres. You never know what you’ll find to inspire you.